Privacy Policy

RedEx Media LLC (the “Company,” “us,” “our,” or “we”) owns and operates a website, www.sextpanther.com (the “Site”) and its associated mobile device infrastructure to allow models and performers (“Models”) to provide adult entertainment services (“Services”) to its registered Users (“Users”). The Company’s core business principles dictate that it protects the privacy of its Users and all those who receive its Services. With this principle in mind, the Company created this Privacy Policy to demonstrate its commitment to the privacy of its Users. This Privacy Policy solely governs how the Site may use User-disclosed information and does not relate to how Models or any other Users may use such information. Users should exercise caution and discretion if or when they choose to share their private information with Models or other Users. Unless otherwise noted, Services are provided by the Company inside of the United States. Please note that a User’s failure to use the Site consistent with this Privacy Policy may result in immediate termination of User’s account, among other actions.

  1. Collection of User Information.
    1. In General. The Company collects information from Users at various points during their interactions with the Site. The types of information collected by the Company, and when it is collected will depend on the activities being engaged in and the Services (if any) being received.
    2. During User Account Registration. To register a User Account, Users are required to provide certain information to the Company, including Account Information, Financial Information, and Demographic Information (each as defined below). This information is gathered by the Company and stored securely on the Site.
      1. Account Information. A User’s “Account Information” includes a User-created username and password, email address, and phone number.
      2. Financial Information. A User’s “Financial Information” includes the User’s full legal name as it appears on their credit card, credit card number, credit card expiration date, credit card verification value (CCV), and credit card billing address.
      3. Demographic Information. A User’s “Demographic Information” includes the User’s IP address(es), referring website information, internet browser used, zip c ode, search history, browsing history, and registration and user history.
  2. During Provision of Services. The provision of Model Services to Users necessarily requires Users to transmit certain information to Models. This information may include text messages, pictures, and videos. This information is gathered by the Company and stored securely on the Site.
  • Storage of User Information. The Company stores all User information in a database associated with the Site. All User information is stored in encrypted form.
  • Transmission of User Information.
    1. In General. The Company may transmit User information from time to time during the regular course of the Site’s operation. All User information is transmitted in encrypted form.
    2. Financial Transactions. Users’ Financial Information is transmitted to third party payment processors as necessary to initiate and complete any orders placed by User accounts.
    3. Marketing. The Company may transmit aggregate, non-individual Demographic Information to third parties with whom we have a direct or indirect relationship who may offer products or services we believe Users may be interested in based on their Demographic Information.
    4. Analytics. The Company may transmit aggregate, non-individual Demographic Information to third parties for the purposes of analyzing usage data, maintaining servers, and other purposes relating to maintaining and improving the Site and its Services.
  • Use of User Information.
    1. In General. The Company uses User information in various ways for various purposes during the regular course of the Site’s operation.
    2. Dispute Resolution. The Company keeps logs of all messages sent between Models and Users during the provision of Services. Such logs may be reviewed by representatives from the Company during the process of resolving disputes between Users and Models or between the Company and Users or Models. Such review may occur without notice to the Models or Users by whom such messages originally sent.
    3. Behavior Tracking. The Company may use Users’ Demographic Information to improve Users’ experience on the Site by tailoring Users’ experiences on the Site according to their browsing habits and preferences.
    4. Email Communications. The Company may use Users’ email addresses to contact Users via email with information, notifications, or special offers relevant to their User Accounts. Email communications may include new services offered by the Company, information relating to the User’s account (including security notifications), and other information related to the User’s relationship to the Site. Email communications may be sent from the time a User associates their email address with a User Account until the User cancels their User Account, their User Account is terminated, or the User indicates to the Company, according to the relevant procedures, that the User no longer wishes to receive email communications from us. The Company and its advertising partners fully comply with the CAN-SPAM Act. All emails from us or our advertising partners will always, among other required disclosures, allow Users to opt out of receipt of further email communications. The Company will never send any User an email directly or through our marketing partners without that User’s consent. Users should immediately report to the Company any emails that purport to have been sent by or that otherwise promote us or our advertising partners that they may receive in violation of their properly communicated email communication preferences.
    5. Maintenance. The Company may allow third parties access to and use of its systems, including databases containing User Information, to facilitate routine and necessary technical services or maintenance whenever such access or use is required.
  • Disclosure of User Information.
    1. In General. The Company considers all User Information to be strictly confidential. However, all information you provide to us may be shared with other third parties as necessary to comply with applicable law, to cooperate with law enforcement and the court system.
    2. By Users. The Company will disclose User Information to the User upon the User’s request. The Company will require User authentication before any such disclosure is made.
    3. As Required by Law. The Company is committed to complying with all warrants, subpoenas, court orders, and judgements it may receive. Such compliance may require the disclosure of User Information. The Company will notify Users if any such disclosure of their User Information is required.
  • Erasure of User Information.
    1. By Users. Users may request that their User Information be erased from the Company’s databases. Such action will also result in the termination of their User Accounts and the loss of all Credits associated therewith. Such action will not resolve any outstanding debts owed by the User to the Company. The Company will notify Users once their User Information has been erased.
  • Cookies.
    1. In General. A “Cookie” is a packet of data stored on a User’s computer by the User’s web browser while the User is browsing the Site. Cookies allow the Site to track the User’s browsing activity on the site or information submitted by the User to the Site.
  • Advertising.
    1. In General. The Company may engage advertising agencies to advertise our services or the goods or services of third parties. The Company or the advertising agencies that it has engaged may collect anonymous data to measure and track advertising effectiveness.
    2. Third Party Websites. The Company may send emails containing advertisements from third parties or links to third party websites. The Company cannot, and does not, make any representations about applicable terms and conditions or privacy policies for such third-party websites. Users choosing to accept any offers or make purchases from third parties to whom the Company has provided User Information do so at their own risk. The Company cannot, and does not, make any representations about the privacy policies or terms and conditions of third-party websites, including those that it advertises on the Site or through its emails.
  • Modification of this Privacy Policy. The Company reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time. The Company will promptly notify all Users of any modification to this Privacy Policy via the Site. Unless otherwise indicated, no change to this Privacy Policy will be effective until thirty (30) days after it is posted.
  • Transfer of Ownership of the Site. The Company reserves the right to transfer ownership of the Site via sale, merger, dissolution, etc. Depending upon the nature of the transaction, the Company may use, transmit, or disclose aggregated, anonymized User Information as necessary to initiate, investigate or complete any such transaction.